Can I carry out a leak repair myself?

Yes - all the pipework within the boundary of your property is your responsibility to maintain, and you are free to carry out any repairs yourself or arrange for someone else to do the work for you.

If you find that the leak is on the water supply pipe, we may be able to repair this under the terms of our private leak repair scheme (PDF 659 KB opens in a new window).

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Related Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a private leak repair?

If you discover that you have a leak on your water supply pipe (which is the pipe that delivers water into your home from the water main in the street) we can repair this free of charge.

What causes pipes to leak?

Lots of reasons: pipes are old or damaged; cold weather can freeze and crack them; tree roots and even building work can cause damage.

If I had a leak or burst after the water has gone through the meter, do I have to pay for that water?

If you are unlucky enough to discover a leak on either your internal or external pipework that sends your meter into overdrive, you are entitled to claim for the cost of the water lost during the time you had the leak.