I own a property where the water is not in use, do I still have to pay water charges?

If you’re not using any water at the property, please let us know by calling us on  0345 026 7661 so that we can update your water account and stop sending bills. We may disconnect your water supply to avoid the risk of water leaks. If you need water for any reason, including heating or cleaning, then charges are still payable.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

If I can prove that my property is empty and not using any water can I get this charge reversed?

Yes, if you can provide evidence that your property is empty, for example by supplying a valid council tax exemption/surcharge, we will amend your charges inline with our charges scheme.

I am a landlord and my property is empty, am I responsible for charges?

You only pay charges if your property is occupied, water use is being recorded through your meter, or you receive services from us. We may require you to provide us with evidence if your property is empty.

If I am renovating my property and only using a small amount of water, do I still have to pay?

If a water supply is needed for any purpose, for example renovation or central heating, then you are required to pay charges. This still applies when the property is empty. If you don’t need a water supply, we may arrange for this to be temporarily disconnected.