Wholesale charges

Wholesale charges schemes 2017/18

The wholesale water and wholesale sewerage charges schemes are designed for water supply licensees, other wholesalers and any other recipient of our wholesale products and services. These schemes set out how United Utilities Water Limited charges for its wholesale water and sewerage services and details the charges for these services.

Assurance statement for the wholesale charges 2017/18

Wholesale charges schedule for 2017/18 - Last updated: April 2017

Statement of significant changes to charges 2017/18

Indicative wholesale charges schedule 2017/18 - Last updated: November 2016

Assurance statement for the indicative wholesale charges 2017/18


Charges bulletin

We will update this page with information about wholesale access charges relevant to retailers who provide services to the 1.2 million businesses and non-household customers (wholly or mainly in England).

Wholesale access charges are the charges that retailers will have to pay United Utilities in return for the provision of bundled wholesale water and wastewater services.

We will publish bulletins on this page on a regular basis to provide an update on any developments in our wholesale access charges.


Wholesale charges scheme 2016/17

Our 2016/17 wholesale water and wholesale sewerage charges schemes are still available to download.