All about water meters

Last year, more than 30,000 customers saved money when they switched to a water meter. Could you do the same?

If you have a water meter installed in your home, it could significantly reduce your bill. More than half a million customers in the North West have now switched to having a meter in their home. Use our water calculator for a view of the saving you could make based on how much water you currently use.

We fit meters free of charge - and you have up to two years to switch back if you don't find you are saving money. Talk to us today and we can advise whether it would be right for you. You could start saving money straightaway. Apply for yours today.

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Not sure where your water meter is in the house and want to know how to read it? Here's some guidance...

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Automated Meter Readers

We've got cleverer with our new water meters. We now install Automated Meter Readers (AMRs), which mean we don't have to disturb you every time we need to read your meter

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