Save water

The whole country has been enjoying the hot weather and with more of us at home and spending time in the garden, we’ve seen a big increase in the amount of water being used. As the warm weather continues and schools re-open and businesses begin to start up again, we’re seeing demand for water increase significantly so we’d like to ask for your help to save water where you can. 

Here in the North West we have been working around the clock to make sure that taps keep flowing and toilets keep flushing. Our fantastic keyworkers have been working hard to pump extra water through our network to keep up with the additional demand that we are now all seeing. We're working hard to repair leaks and we’re fixing more than ever before so, if you spot a leak in the road or street, report it and we’ll sort it. 

You can help by saving water where you can, on average each person uses 142 litres per day and there are some really easy ways to save! Click on the links below for tips on how to save and FREE water saving goodies.

By working together we can make a difference. Remember, let’s use water wisely.