Rules and guidance

We may be biased but we think our recreation sites are just beautiful, and we know lots of you think so too.

Our recreational sites are open to be enjoyed by everyone so we ask you to respect them and leave our sites in the condition you found them for others to enjoy. 

If you do visit one of our sites please follow the below guidance: 

No fires, BBQs or fireworks are permitted on our estate land – also don't discard cigarettes, litter or matches whilst walking or driving through the countryside – all these can start a fire which can spread very easily especially in hot weather. You could end up with a £2,500 fine or prison sentence. Nobody wants to see the catchment land burn, destroying nature that has taken years to establish.

Please do not swim in reservoirs. They are very dangerous and full of hidden dangers which many people are unaware of – from underwater currents, hidden machinery, to freezing cold temperatures that even on the hottest day can send your body into cold water shock. Do not jump from any bridges, walkway, tree or other structure into the reservoir. 

Please have respect for visitors and our people. United Utilities teams are proud to look after these beautiful recreation sites and will politely ask visitors to stop if they are putting themselves or others at risk and taking part in disruptive behaviour. 

Come prepared! Thinking of having a picnic or taking the dog for a walk? Why not bring some bin bags with you? Please keep the sites free of litter and remove all personal items when leaving. You can use the bins provided or, preferably, take it home to be recycled.

Please don’t dispose of your own personal litter on the recreation sites. Fly tipping is illegal. If you do see anyone doing this, please report it to your local council.

Please don’t remove, destroy, damage or deface any of our recreation sites. Remember that others come to enjoy the sites too. 

Please park in designated areas, keep roads clear and do not block traffic and gateways to the houses of our neighbours. If there was an emergency you wouldn’t want to be responsible for stopping emergency traffic getting through.

Please, no camping overnight.

Our sites are wonderful for getting out in the fresh air but please ensure you are sticking to paths and keeping yourself and others safe.

Please comply with the countryside code at all times.

These rules apply to all of our recreation sites.