Nelson stormwater storage tank nearing completion

Nelson Storage TankA £75 million investment project to create a vast new underground stormwater storage tank in Nelson is nearing completion.

When operational in early 2024, the tank in Lindred Road on the Lomeshaye Industrial Estate will be 20 metres deep and 15 metres wide and hold two million litres of water – the equivalent of 25,000 bathtubs of storm water.

It will give Pendle’s sewer system additional capacity during times of heavy rainfall, and help to further improve water quality in nearby Pendle Water by reducing storm water discharges.

The wastewater upgrade in Nelson is part of a wider £75m investment programme to deliver improvements to Pendle Water and the River Calder.

As well as the new storm tank in Pendle, work is also well underway to upgrade Burnley Wastewater Treatment Works.

This includes a new plant where air is injected into raw sewage to encourage bacteria to literally ‘feed’ on it. Additionally, an innovative technology called Biomag where iron oxide particles are added to reduce phosphorous levels is also being introduced.

The project reached a major milestone recently as engineers have now installed the lid.

Senior Project Manager Tony Elliott (pictured) said: “The tank will act as a ‘holding area’ for the extra rainwater that enters the sewer network during times of heavy rainfall. Holding it back means it isn’t all hitting our wastewater treatment works at the same time and the system is less likely to be overwhelmed.”