Building a greener future for Greater Manchester

Generic SuDS image.jpgWe have awarded more than £1.3 million of funding to projects which will boost levels of sustainable drainage across Greater Manchester.

Sustainable Drainage Systems, or SuDS, deliver environmental benefits and improve sewer health by slowing down rainwater run-off and mimicking natural drainage. 

By reducing the amount of rainwater entering the sewer network they relieve pressure on the system and play a significant role in helping to reduce the need for releases from storm overflows during times of heavy rainfall.

The four successful projects have been awarded a total of £1.371 million and are the first to be awarded funding through the company’s Green Recovery programme, an ambitious plan to work in partnership with organisations across the North West to deliver environmental improvements in rivers, protect habitats, combat invasive species, enhance water quality, improve drainage and reduce pollution.

Johnny Phillips surface water strategy manager at United Utilities, said: “We’re excited to support these projects, each of which will bring numerous benefits to communities across Greater Manchester by increasing resilience to climate change by building with nature and introducing blue green infrastructure to manage rainfall in a more natural way.”

Funding has been awarded to Bolton Council, Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Salford Council to support a range of projects designed to reduce local flooding risk by managing some of the North West’s abundant rainfall more effectively.

We have also awarded £1.5 million to increase sustainable drainage levels at schools across the North West through its Water for Schools programme.

You can find out more about SuDS here