What are others doing

windermere sailing 2.jpgMany other organisations and movements - from Save Windermere to Love Windermere are working towards making improvements to water quality so we can safeguard the lake for generations to come. 

Supporting the Love Windermere partnership to deliver unified action

Love windermere logoWe’re a member of the Love Windermere partnership, which focuses on using an independent data and science led approach to better understand the mere and deliver a coordinated response.

We’re working together to improve water quality through a number of projects including looking at more diverse land management, reducing the impact of septic tanks and providing the latest technology such as drone sampling. This will help us:

  • Use scientific findings to best pinpoint sources of pollution
  • Detect misconnected drains at speed
  • Identify where to best focus future funding

Love Windermere Website

Rolling out reed beds to boost biodiversity

We’re providing funding to the South Cumbria Rivers Trust to enable crucial restoration projects and filtration projects at Windermere - such as planting over 800m2 of new reed beds.

These act as natural filters, trapping sediment before it reaches the mere, to improve water quality and boost biodiversity for the whole catchment:

  • Providing healthier natural habitats for aquatic life
  • Ensuring the long-term maintenance of the mere’s water quality
  • Engaging communities through volunteering opportunities