Our household charges 2018/2019

Our household charges scheme relates to the period starting from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019.

Below is a summary of our tariffs that form part of our charges scheme for 2018/2019 (PDF 704 KB opens in a new window).

In straightforward terms, we charge you for the following services: 

  • supplying clean water to your home
  • taking away and cleaning all your dirty water (which we call sewerage services)
  • taking away all the rainwater that falls onto your home and public roads and footpaths
  • standing charges to cover essential services such as reading your water meter (if you have one), sending bills and dealing with enquiries

The way we calculate your bill depends on whether you have a water meter (which we call 'measured charges') or if you don't have a meter (which we call 'unmeasured charges'). Our section 'Understanding your bill' explains more about how we calculate your bill for each service.

Please note that charges are shown exclusive of any VAT and are annual, unless stated otherwise.

Household charges if you dont have a water meter

Unmeasured water charges

Standing charge Charge per £RV*
  £66.89   £1.100


Unmeasured sewerage charges

  Foul drainage charge Per £RV Surface water drainage charge Per £RV Highway drainage charge Per £RV Total charge Per £RV*
All services £1.006 £0.541 £0.143 £1.690
No surface water drainage service £1.006 n/a £0.143 £1.149
Surface water drainage and highway drainage services only n/a £0.541 £0.143  £0.684

*RV charges: if you don't have a water meter, your bill is a fixed amount each year based on the rateable value of your home. To calculate your bill, we multiply your rateable or charging value by the £RV charge shown in the table above.

Household charges if you have a water meter

Measured water charges

Standing charge Volumetric charge per m3
£32.41  £1.867

Assumes a 15mm meter has been fitted.

If premises only receive a water service the standing charge will be £33.16

Measured sewerage charges

  Standing charge Foul drainage volumetric charge per m3 Surface water drainage fixed charge Highway drainage fixed charge
All services £7.24 £1.228 £70.68 £31.24
No surface water drainage service  £7.24 £1.228 n/a £31.24

Assessed charges - when we're unable to fit a water meter

If you live in a household property and you have applied to have a meter fitted free of charge (including altered household premises) but a meter cannot be installed, an assessed charge is available, comprising of a fixed annual amount varying according to the type of premises except where only one person lives at the premises:

Type of premises  Water  Sewerage  Total
Single person household  £98.99  £168.43 £267.42
Detached (includes houses, link detached houses and bungalows)  £246.52  £266.09 £512.61
Semi-detached (includes houses and semi-detached bungalows)  £222.52  £250.30 £472.82
Other household premises (includes flats and terraced houses)  £163.42 £211.44 £374.86

If premises are not connected to the public sewer system for surface water drainage, either directly or indirectly, the sewerage charge for each type of premises will be reduced by £70.68

Watersure - a charge for vulnerable groups

If you are eligible for this charge it is based on the average household charge.

   Water  Sewerage    Total
  Average household charge   £208.02  £226.93  £434.95

If premises are not connected to the public sewer system for surface water drainge, either directly or indirectly, the sewerage charge for each type of premises will be reduced to £156.25.

  • Discount for Direct Debit payers - if you pay by Direct Debit an annual discount of £5.00 will be made to your account
  • Owners' allowance - an annual allowance of 3.5% is available to owners of premises who, by agreement with us, undertake to pay unmetered charges for one or more tenanted household properties. To qualify for the allowance, payment must be made as stated on your bill
  • Other water companies' charges - charges will be different if you live near the borders of our area and receive water supply or sewerage services from another company
  • Enquiries over basis of charge - if you are moving into a household property within our area you can obtain details of our charges for that property by telephoning 0345 672 2888

How bills for households with meters are changing for 2018/2019.

How bills for households without a meter are changing for 2018/2019.

Assurance statement

Our assurance statement - charges submission 2018/2019 can be viewed here (PDF 3,943 KB opens in a new window)

Charging rules

Our household charging rules (PDF 117 KB opens in a new window) 

Prior year's charges

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