For customers with a meter who need to use lots of water Family at dining table

No one likes paying bills, but when money is tight bills can go from being an everyday nuisance to a cause of sleepless nights and stress. That’s when WaterSure might be able to help. It’s a scheme for customers with a water meter who need to use lots of water, but might struggle to afford it. 

We can’t make your bill vanish, but we can put a cap on how much you are charged. So, no matter how high the numbers climb on your meter, you’ll only have to pay, at most, an amount equal to our average bill.

How does it work

It’s pretty simple really. If you have a water meter, receive benefits and have a good reason for using lots of water – such as three or more children living at home or a medical condition - you may well qualify.

How to apply

To apply for the scheme please call us on 0800 072 6765 or complete our online form.

Online form

Eligibility criteria

Please read our Terms and Conditions to make sure you meet our eligibility criteria before applying.

Terms and conditions