Help with managing your money

We know it's a difficult time for many households due to rising household bills.

We've included information below on FREE independent support available to help tackle your debts, useful information on how to keep your credit score healthy and how to check that you are receiving the welfare benefits you are entitled to.

Remember, if you’re struggling with your water bill payments please complete our form - we’re already helping more than 200,000 customers with their water bills.

Independent support to tackle your debts

If you’re struggling with your household bills and have fallen behind with your payments, please don’t panic. There are lots of organisations out there who can provide free independent advice to help you out of debt.

Household budgeting support

IE Hub offer FREE access to their online budgeting tool to create an income and expenditure to manage your household finances and share it with companies who need it. If your circumstances change in the future you can update your information and share it again.

Check your benefit entitlements

Many people miss out on welfare payments as they are not aware of the benefits that are available to them. Charity Turn2Us has a FREE to use service on their website to help you check what benefits you are entitled to and what charitable funds are available.

Help with money worries

We’re working with Money Wellness to offer our customers FREE confidential advice and support to provide a helping hand with your household debts. Click below to try their quick and easy two-minute questionnaire to see how they could help you reduce your money worries.

Keeping your credit score healthy

Credit scores are really important as companies refer to your credit score when deciding whether to give you a loan, mortgage or even a mobile phone contract. The good news is that you can keep your credit score healthy by following a number of tips.

Government support with cost of living

It's a difficult time for many households due to cost of living increases. See what help and support is available from the Government regarding bills, housing and childcare costs.

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