Is a meter right for me?

Could it save me money?

How will I know if it will save me money?
With a water meter, you're billed for the amount of water you use. If you don't have one, your bills will be based on the rateable value of your home. So if you live on your own, have a small family, or live in a house with a high rateable value, the chances are you'd be better off with a water meter.

Does it cost anything to have a meter installed?
No, we do it for free. The only time there might be a charge is if you want your meter fitted outside, but we can talk you through this. 

Who can apply?
All homeowners can apply for a FREE water meter. If you're renting and have a fixed term agreement you can apply too. If your rental agreement is less than six months, please get your landlords permission first before applying.

You can apply for a meter online. You can also call us on 0345 072 6065 and get a bit of person-to-person meter advice while  you're on the line.

Where do you fit meters?

Wherever possible, we generally fit water meters inside your home. They need to be fitted on your water supply pipe, which is the pipe that brings water into your home, and we fit them close to your stop tap. This is usually found in the kitchen or downstairs toilet. If you live in an older house that's been extended or you've changed the layout of your house, it may be elsewhere, like the cellar. 

Our new water meters, Automated Meter Readers (AMRs), can be read remotely, which means we won’t even need to bother you for a meter reading. And don't worry about them taking up room in your home - they're about the size of standard baked bean tin.

 Water meter image

Can I change my mind once the water meter has been fitted?

If a meter is right for you, we believe you'll start saving money straightaway. The great news is that you can switch back to unmeasured charges any time within two years of the meter being fitted if you find you're not making a saving. If you do decide to switch back, the water meter won't be removed but your bills will then be calculated using the rateable value of your home, rather than how much water you use.

If you have moved into a property which already has a water meter fitted, you can't switch back to rateable value.

What about my bill?

Once you have a meter, we'll send you a bill every six months for the water you've used. Your first metered bill will arrive any time within the first six months of your meter being fitted, depending on when we take your meter reading. We'll then finalise your 'old' rateable value bill and, if we owe you any money, we'll reduce your first metered bill by this amount (if you owe money from your old bill, we'll ask you to pay the outstanding balance).

If you already pay your water bill by Direct Debit, you don't need to do anything - we'll carry on taking your payments in this way. If you don't currently pay by Direct Debit, it's definitely worth considering as we knock £5 off your annual bill for paying this way.

Do I have to own my house to apply for one?

All homeowners can apply for a water meter and it only takes a few minutes to apply for a meter online. You can also call us on 0345 072 6065. We fit water meters free of charge.

If you're renting and have a fixed term agreement, you can apply too. If your rental agreement is less than six months, please get your landlord’s permission first before applying.

Are your meters pre-pay meters?

No – our meters simply record the amount of water you use so that we can calculate your bill. When you have a water meter, we send you a bill every six months for the water you've used since your previous bill. Pre-pay meters are used by gas and electricity suppliers for some customers who pay in advance for the their energy before they can use it. We don't use pre-pay meters and our customers only pay for the amount of water they have used.

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