Lead and Common Supply Pipe Scheme

If your supply pipe is made of lead, we would advise you to consider replacing it.

Under the Lead and Common Supply Pipe Replacement Scheme, we may be able to offer a free connection of a replacement water supply from your boundary to the main in the road or footpath. 

Please read the steps below to get an understanding of how our scheme works. Once you are ready, please complete the lead and common supply pipe application form, and we will check if you are eligible for a free connection. You are responsible for replacing all of the pipework up to the boundary of your property, and for all related costs to this section of the work

If you need help completing this form, please call our friendly team on 0345 072 6082 and select option 1.

Step 1) Application

Click here to complete the lead and common supply pipe application form. You will need to:

  • Confirm if you are on a single or common supply. If you are unsure of your supply type, a plumber will be able to check this and confirm for you.

Step 2) Acceptance

If accepted we will send the instructions and guidance for installing your new pipework. We will aim to process the application within 10 working days of receipt, however, occasionally we will need to complete further additional checks which may cause delays; we will contact you to advise should this happen.

Please be aware that incorrect or incomplete information can lead to delays in processing your application.


Step 3) Inspection/WIAP

Once you pipework is installed this will need be certified.

  •  If you have used any other plumber, or completed the work yourself, you will need to call us on 0345 072 6082 to arrange an inspection of the pipework.

Step 4) Connection

We will then arrange the connection of your new pipework. We will contact you with a date once this is planned in.

For a standard connection, we aim to complete the work within 6 weeks of the work being raised. If this is a non-standard connection this may take longer, and delays can be caused if there are engineering or permit issues. We will notify you once any delays become apparent.

Step 5) Disconnection

If you are on a single supply, we will disconnect your old supply at the same time that we complete your connection. If you are on a shared, or common supply, your plumber will need to complete the disconnection from the shared supply.