We’re making improvements at Oswestry Water Treatment Works

Providing a reliable, high-quality water supply to homes and businesses across the North West involves carrying out a continuous programme of maintenance and improvements across our water network.

The Project at Oswestry is just one of many we are carrying out across the North West to improve our treatment works, ensuring we continue to provide high quality water to our customers in Cheshire and Merseyside.

  • As part of our design phase, we’ve been consulting with stakeholders including the local planning and highways authorities to carefully consider all safety requirements and minimise impact on the local community and environment.

    We’re planning to begin our construction activity in early 2023 and all work will take place within the existing treatment works boundary. The programme will be carried out in two phases with all work expected to be completed in 2028.

    Phase 1: Refurbishment of existing assets, construction of new assets and decommissioning of old assets.

    Phase 2: Construction of new water tanks.

    Before starting our main construction work, we carried out some enabling works throughout summer 2022 that will continue until later this year. This will include some construction activity within our water treatment works site and setting up a temporary compound area.

    Our temporary compound will remain in place for the duration of the project and will accommodative the project office, staff welfare, machinery, storage and equipment. Details of our construction activity can be seen on our overview map and project timeline.

  • We understand construction work can be disruptive. We’ll do all we can to keep noise and disruption to a minimum.

    Traffic management: To complete the work safely, we may need to have some temporary traffic management in place around our main site compound. We will be working closely with Shropshire Council to minimise the impact of any traffic management. As part of our traffic management plan, all of our construction vehicle will continue to follow the agreed routes via Trefonen Road and accessing our compound location on the junction of Back Racecourse Lane and Broomhall Lane.

    Construction activity: We’ll be using large machinery and equipment during the improvement work which will create noise and vibrations. Our project team will ensure that work is carried out considerately and we will provide advance notice of any particular disruptive elements of work, or work that may need to take place outside of normal working hours.

  • If you have any questions or queries about the project, please give our friendly teams a call on 0345 672 3723 and quote project number 80063034 and we’ll be happy to help.

    Alternatively you can contact us via our social media channels:

    Twitter: @unitedutilities

    Facebook: @OfficialUnitedUtilities