Love Water

You may have noticed the Love Water logo on our water saving messages recently and we’d like to tell you a little bit more it.Love water logo

Love Water is a major campaign involving more than 40 environmental groups, charities, water companies and regulators, working together to promote the importance of safeguarding water resources for future generations.

A new report The Great British Rain Paradox shows that the majority of British people are unaware that demand for water could soon outstrip supply.

In fact, 72% of people believe we have enough water to meet our needs and many engage in high wastage behaviours. However, the UK could face significant water shortages in less than 25 years due to climate change and population growth.

The report, with insights from Cranfield University is sponsored by Finish and supported by Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive of England’s Environment Agency, the Love Water partnership and Simon Reeve, author and TV presenter, calls on us all to be more conscious of the water we’re using.

We all know that water is vital in the fight against coronavirus but increased use has come as the UK has just experienced one of its driest Mays on record. It’s a reminder to us all of the need to ‘love water’ and use it wisely.

But it’s always raining, we hear you say. Well despite the perception of a water-rich nation, a myriad of factors are putting strain on the UK’s water supply.

These factors include population growth, increasing household consumption and climate change, which is leading to wetter winters, but dryer summers. 

This is especially evident in the fact that February 2020 was the wettest on record and May 2020 was one of the drietst.

Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive of England’s Environment Agency, said:

“People might wonder how a country with such a reputation for rain like the UK could reach a tipping point where demand for water outstrips supply in just 25 years. But this may become a reality if we don’t take action to save water now.

“The fact is a convergence of factors underpinned by climate change has led us to this frightening prospect. But if we all take concerted action now we can ensure that there will be enough water to go around for generations to come.”

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