Repairing our water pipes

If we plan to work on the pipes that get water to your home, we’ll do our best not to disrupt you. We may have to shut off the water to your home at some point and, if we need to do this, we will always try to:

  • make you aware of our plans several weeks in advance, so you are prepared
  • write to you to confirm the times when we expect your water to be turned off. If your water is going to be off for more than four hours, we’ll give you written notice, at least 48 hours in advance

If we're unable to give you 48 hours' notice and your water will be off for more than four hours, then we’ll pay you £25. And, if we can’t restore your water supply within the times we set out in our written notice, we’ll also pay you £30 - plus another £30 for every additional 12-hour period we leave you without water.

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Emergency repairs

Sometimes pipes can burst without warning and will need emergency repairs. We'll still do our very best to let you know what’s happened by popping a card through your door, using news bulletins on your local radio station and through social media channels. You can also stay up to date on the planned works using the link below.