Tankered industrial and domestic wastes

United Utilities Bioprocessing arranges for liquid wastes to be safely treated at licensed Wastewater Treatment works across the North West. We have 2 licensed routes for processing your waste, depending on whether it's domestic or industrial.

Industrial liquid wastes

Our Industrial Waste License (WML and IPPC) allows us to treat and safely dispose of liquid wastes which, for one reason or another, cannot be accommodated through a sewer network. The wastes we accept are those derived from industry and trade; landfill leachates; strong organic wastes; and even hazardous wastes. We currently offer this service at Carlisle, Barrow, Blackburn, Davyhulme and Ellesmere Port WwTW.

Examples of wastes that we can treat include: high COD waste, landfill leachate, pharmaceutical and cosmetic wastes, chemical wastes, food wastes and contaminated waters.

We have a procedure to evaluate which liquid wastes are compatible to be treated at one of our licensed WwTWs.

The first step is to ask the waste producer to complete our waste declaration form (United Utilities Waste Declaration form). This form provides us with details of how the waste is generated and what it might contain, so we can evaluate if we could accept it, know what to analyse for when we get a sample, and possibly enable us to provide a guide price for treatment.

The next step after receiving the paperwork is to get a sample to our Davyhulme office so our Waste Evaluation team can perform the necessary analysis to progress the enquiry. Our technical sales executives can arrange to meet you at your premises to take a sample. We cover the cost of this evaluation stage (our customers are only charged when a waste is approved on a £/tonne basis).

The evaluation process usually takes 2 weeks, after which we can confirm if your waste can be treated at one of our sites and what the disposal price will be. If your waste is approved, you will receive a quote and the waste is then approved for a 12-month period and the removal and treatment can be managed by our Bioprocessing team.

Want to know more? Call 0345 072 0838 or email bioprocessing@uuplc.co.uk

Domestic (septic) liquid wastes

We accept and treat the domestic tankered waste (septic, cesspool and chemical toilet waste) from private and business premises. Waste (domestic sewage) is removed from your septic tank by a licensed carrier via a road tanker. It is then brought to United Utilities under “Duty of Care” regulations and treated at one of 30 United Utilities licensed Wastewater Treatment Works across the North West. The householder or business would arrange for a carrier to collect their waste and we would arrange with that carrier to discharge the waste.

The charge for reception, treatment and disposal of the contents of cesspool and septic waste is currently £12.63 per cubic meter from 1st April 2024 – 31st March 2025. There is also a standing charge to cover the cost of reception and administration which is £19.00 per visit and subject to VAT.

If you are a licensed waste carrier and would like to be set up with a customer account to use one of our licensed treatment works, you need to fill in a form (New Customer account information for invoicing) and send a copy of your carrier's licence (EA certificate of registration) either by fax:01925 674558; by email to septictanks@uuplc.co.uk or by post to:

Bioprocessing - Septic waste new customer
Davyhulme Lab Building
Davyhulme WwTW
M41 7JB

When we have this information, we provide you with a contact list for the sites and you make contact with the site you wish to discharge at to arrange access between their opening hours (usually Monday to Friday, from 7:30am-3pm). You need to call ahead to ensure a United Utilities employee is there to supervise the discharge and fill out a tanker discharge ticket to complete the duty of care.

Call us today for advice on domestic waste on 01925 674515. Alternatively, email your enquiry to our waste co-ordinators at septictanks@uuplc.co.uk