Alston Spade Mill

Our work to install new water pipes from White Bull Water Treatment Works near Longridge, to Broughton Water Treatment works just off Woodplumpton Lane.

Reservoirs, aqueducts, treatment works and a network of over 42,000 kilometres (km) of water pipes help us to deliver high-quality drinking water to homes and business across the North West region.

So we can continue to provide your community with a high quality and reliable drinking water supply, now and into the future, we're  installing a new 10 kilometre pipeline from White Bull treatment works in Alston, extending through to Broughton treatment works on Woodplumpton Lane. The new pipeline will help us to move water from our reservoirs in Alston and Spade Mill, so it can be treated and then piped to homes and businesses.

The majority of the pipeline will be installed across fields, but there are some sections where the pipe will be constructed under water courses and along Whittingham Lane, Brabiner Lane and Woodplumpton Lane.

We understand construction activity and roadworks can be a real pain and would like to thank you for bearing with us. We'll continue to do all we can to install the new pipeline with minimal disruption to the local community and road users. So that we can work as quickly as possible, we will be extending our normal working period as we install the pipe in Whittingham Lane to include weekends. We'll ensure the local community are updated if there are other changes that may be required to our programme.

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  • What have we done so far?

    Before work began, we carried out surveys and investigations to help us understand the ground conditions and location of other pipes and cables which would help us to plan the route of the new pipeline.   

    We continually carry out ecology surveys to ensure that the natural habitats of wildlife are protected throughout our project, this includes bat surveys, tree surveys, bird and wildlife monitoring

    As sections of the new pipeline will be installed in the road there will be some impact on the local road network, we'll provide updated information in the traffic management section as our work progresses.

    We've been working closely with Lancashire County Council to ensure disruption to bin services is minimised. Where we have a road closure in place, and the normal bin service collections will be affected, our site team will take bins to either end of the road closure to ensure your bin is emptied and return them to your house after emptying. Please ensure all your bins clearly display a house number or name and are left in front of your house the evening before your normal collection day. We'll keep residents updated as our work progresses.


  • What will the work involve?

    We’ll be working in phases to dig a trench along the pipe route, lay the new sections of pipe and then return the areas back to normal.

    Our progress can sometimes be impacted by difficult ground conditions, unknown pipes and cables or poor weather.

    We’re aiming to complete our work on Woodplumpton Lane by early September and Whittingham Lane by early December. We may need to work weekends and make the most of the additional day light, through the summer months to get out of your way as quickly as we can.

  • Traffic management

    We understand that roadworks and construction activity can be disruptive and our site team will do all they can to maintain as much access as possible. To complete this work safely we’ll need to use some traffic management and have temporary road closures in place. There will be signage to help direct you around our working area.

    Our progress can often be impacted by weather conditions or other utilities unmapped pipes and cables.  We'll update any changes to our programme and thank you for your patience.

    Please take extra care as there will be construction vehicles moving between our site compound and working areas.

    Location Details From To
    Woodplumpton Lane Temporary road closure and diversion route. The team have encountered challenging ground conditions and the road will be closed longer than originally planned. We're really sorry for the inconvenience and are planning to have the road reopened to all traffic on Sunday 12 September. Thursday 15 July Sunday 12 September 2021
    Whittingham Lane There will be a temporary road closure and diversion required between Langley Lane and Short Lane. Monday 13 September 2021 End of October 2021
    Langley Lane Work is being carried out across the junction. The  road will remain open with temporary traffic light control in place.  End of September 2021 Monday 4 October 2021


  • How will the work affect me?

    Will there be any road closures?

    We do understand that road works are inconvenient.  We'll do all we can to minimise disruption, but there will be temporary road closures or traffic management in place so our team can work safely.

    Working hours: To help us install the new pipe as quickly as possible, the team may alter the normal working period to include weekends. We'll ensure residents are kept updated and there will be signed diversions to direct traffic around our working areas. 

    Will my water be affected?

    We're installing a new water pipeline and you will still be able to use your water supply as normal during our work.

    Will I be able to catch the bus at my normal bus stop?

    Most of the routes will be unaffected. However, in a couple of locations some bus stops will need to be suspended due to the temporary road closures. 

    Shuttle bus service: We've arranged a temporary shuttle bus service during our work on Woodplumpton Lane as the number 46 service will be affected.

    The shuttle service will operate half hourly (Monday- Saturday between 07:00 and 19:00) and run between Ingol shops and Woodplumpton White Cross Farm.  Passengers will be able to connect to other local regular bus services at Ingol for journeys to and from Preston city centre or Longridge. Preston Bus website has further information about itimetables and disruption to services.

    Will my bins be emptied as normal?

    Yes. Where we have a road closure in place and the normal bin service collections will be affected our site team we will take bins to either end of the road closure to ensure your bin is emptied. Returning them to your house after emptying.

    Please ensure all your bins clearly display a house number or name and are left in front of your house the evening before your normal collection day. Residents affected will be notified in writing in advance.

    Will parking my car on my driveway be affected in any way?

    In some areas, for short periods of time we will be affecting access to driveways. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you are a resident who will be affected we will provide regular updates to ensure you are made aware of dates/times and where alternative parking arrangements have been made.

    Will I be able to access my local shops and businesses?

    Yes, all shops and local businesses will remain open. We will be signposting this with clear diversion routes. Again we apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused. If you need to discuss any circumstances that would be difficult for either a drop-off or collection we will be happy to assist you. Please get in touch on 0345 672 3723 and a member of the project team will be happy to help.

    Will there be any impact on public footpaths?

    The majority of the new pipeline will be crossing fields and this will impact access to some of the public footpaths.  Notices to advise of any required temporary closures will be displayed locally.

  • Construction activity

    We’ll be using construction equipment which will generate noise and vibrations. There will also be additional vehicles moving around the area as we bring equipment and materials to carry out our work. Please take extra care.

  • Next steps

    We understand construction work can be inconvenient and we will make sure we keep the community updated as our programme of work progresses.

    If you have any queries and would like to get in touch please give our friendly team a call on 0345 672 3723 and quote project number 80062958. We’ll be happy to help.