£8.2 million investment to clean up wastewater entering River Ribble

River Ribble Lancs pic of volunteers.pngA multi-million-pound project to improve water quality in Chipping Brook and the River Ribble is underway.

The brand new facility in Chipping will play an important role in improving water quality in Chipping Brook and the River Ribble (pictured above).

The scheme is part of our Better Rivers Better North West action plan – which seeks to address concerns over sewage entering rivers and seas.

The £8.2 million project has been designed to cope with recent and future population growth in Chipping and is due to be completed in summer 2024.

Programme Manager Michael Tillery explained: “The new facility will have an increased capacity meaning it will treat a greater volume of wastewater more quickly.

“It will also feature new treatment methods which will improve the quality of the water that we release back into nearby Chipping Brook which is a tributary of the River Ribble.”

There is an existing Wastewater Treatment Works in Chipping which will remain operational until the new one comes online.

Through our Better Rivers Better North West action plan, we are on track to improve almost 200km of rivers by 2025.