Getting water to your taps

Laying new pipes

We've constructed new pipelines to distribute the treated water into the wider network. The new pipes link the new water treatment works with our existing service reservoirs at Quarry Hill, Summergrove and Kelton Fell.

New underground service reservoirs

We've constructed two new service reservoirs to store the treated water and link into the new distribution pipe network - one at High Leys and another at Moota Hill.

high leys service reservoir.jpgHigh Leys is the largest of the two service reservoirs - storing 50 million litres of treated water. The image shows how the new service reservoir has been designed to integrate into the surrounding landscape.


moota hill service reservoir.pngMoota Hill is the smaller capacity service reservoir, but it will still be capable of holding an impressive 21 million litres of water!

Refurbishing pipes on our existing water network

We've refurbished some of the existing pipes on our water network between Stainburn Service Reservoir and Cornhow Service Reservoir.  This work involved inserting smaller diameter pipes inside the existing buried pipe, creating a secure new lining - a technique known as sliplining.