United Utilities Water Efficiency Incentive Scheme - Terms and conditions

Incentive payments will be calculated based on the amount of water saved as a direct result of an eligible water efficiency intervention. 

Eligible interventions include:

  • Installation of water efficient fittings and devices
  • Repairs or modifications to fittings and devices that will result in reduced water consumption
  • Introduction of mitigating actions that reduce water use such as utilisation of consumption data to optimise use, staff education, training and campaigns

Not included:

  • Repairs for leaks and bursts on pipework (see Leakage Allowance Policy)
  • Changes of site use
  • Changes to the number of persons employed on the site
  • Changes to site boundary
  • Removal of pipework and fittings, relating to the demolition, splitting or merging of premises
  • Changes to production or output
  • Seasonal fluctuations or any other periods of variations in use

An application is required per SPID. Each SPID will be eligible for the incentive a maximum of once in a two year period.

We will calculate a one off payment based on the number of litres per day saved multiplied by the incentive payment, up to a maximum of £3,000 for a single application.

The amount of water saved will be calculated by comparing at least three months of consumption data before and after the water efficiency intervention is made. The appropriate time for comparison will be by agreement. 

We will require evidence of the interventions made and water savings achieved directly as a result of these interventions.

The maximum number of incentive payments made by us per year will be limited.

We reserve the right to carry out audits at your customer’s premises in order to verify any savings achieved. In this instance we may contact your customer as per the details that you have provided in WE/01. If you require further information on how your data is stored and handled please refer to our Privacy Notice.  (Hyperlink)

Where water efficiencies are not maintained over a two year period, we reserve the right to recover the water efficiency incentive payment from you.

Any disputes arising in relation to these incentive schemes will be resolved in accordance with the Non-Trading Disputes provision within the market codes.

The WE incentive claim (WE/02) must be received within 6 months of us acknowledging receipt of the WE Incentive application (WE/01) that relates to the same SPID

If the customer switches retailer during the claim period the applying retailer will not be due any incentive payment and the claim will be closed.