Quarterly Billing

Opt out of quarterly billing

We think receiving a bill every three months is a good thing as it can help you to keep track of your water usage and spot any leaks.

However, if you would prefer NOT to switch to quarterly bills we completely understand. Just confirm your details below and you’ll continue to receive your bills every six months.

The information you provide will be used solely in accordance with United Utilities’ Privacy Policy. 


  • You have now been moved to our quarterly billing schedule which means you will receive your bill every 3 months.

  • No, as we can read your meter remotely we won’t need you to read your meter nor do we need to disturb you to obtain the read.

  • No we will collect your direct debit amount as detailed on your bill on the same day as we have previously agreed with you, unless your water usage changes considerably then this should continue to be for the same amount, if it changes we will always send you a new bill to advise you of the new amount and payment dates.

  • Don’t worry if you don’t want to be billed quarterly this is optional, please complete the form detailed on this page and we will ensure that you continue to receive your bills as you do today, every 6  months.