Reservoir safety teacher's guide

When the weather starts warming up, people (especially young people) may be tempted to take a dip in their local reservoir to cool down. But rather than being a bit of fun, swimming in reservoirs, quarries, lakes and similar bodies of open water, is very dangerous. That’s why we’ve produced this guide to help teachers highlight important messages around water safety to children.

A teacher's guide

We've produced this guide to help teachers talk to students about important messages around water safety.

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A reservoir is no place for a swim

A reservoir is no place for a swim. Even on the hottest day, the water in a reservoir is cold enough to numb your muscles and take your breath away. Steep sides, hidden machinery and unpredictable currents mean even the strongest swimmer can quickly find themselves in trouble. Please don’t become another tragic statistic, stay safe, and stay out of the water.