Your Connection Journey

Our guide below outlines the steps involved in getting a water and wastewater connection from start to finish so you know what to expect.

Our step by step guide to getting connected

Sewer and waster pipes underneath a house Man talking to a customer services agent Customer on a building site with developer services inspectors Step 3 - lay your pipework Step 4 - We complete the job Postman outside customers house with bill in their hand

Getting a water and wastewater connection

If you’re planning on having a water and wastewater connection in the next 12 months our step by step guide will explain the process of getting connected in 4 simple steps. Our key shows you what pipework you are responsible for and what UU is responsible for.

Step 1: Contact us to discuss your project

Call us on 0345 072 6067 and one of our dedicated case managers will help explain the process of what you need to do. Once you have applied for a water and wastewater connection (p1 & p2) we will work with you to help guide you from start to finish. You will have to arrange a contractor to carry out your wastewater connection.

Step 2: Quotation

Our friendly and helpful Developer Services Inspector will visit your site and help guide you with the water pipe laying process to ensure you have everything you need to make this go smoothly.

Step 3: You lay your pipework

All work within your private boundary will be completed by you or your contractor. Your Case Manager will advise you where you should lay out your new water supply pipe to. Your wastewater connection will be made by your appointed contractor and not United Utilities. If everything is in order, we'll issue an approval notice to your contractor within 10 working days, granting them permission to carry out the work.

Step 4: We complete the job

Once your new pipe work is laid and timescales for connections agreed - United Utilities field team will come to site and make your new water service connection live. Usually, your new water meter will be installed on the day of connection. Once your appointed contractor has received the approval to work on the public sewer for the wastewater connection, they can start the connection work.

Connection complete

Your new United Utilities account will be set up. We aim to complete the new water connection in line with your expectations so you have your new water supply ready for use as soon as you need it. Once your contractor has connected the drains to the sewer we will need to inspect it to ensure it has been done correctly. If the work has been carried out satisfactorily, we’ll issue a completion certificate.

Step 1: Contact us and apply

    • Complete a water connection application form and provide a site location plan, showing the outline of your development

    • We will assign you a dedicated case manager who will contact you to discuss your project

    • We'll come out to meet you on site to make sure we fully understand your project

    • We'll then provide you with a detailed quote

    Water connection application form

    • You complete a wastewater (part 1) sewer connection form 

    • We will approve the wastewater connection application 

    • You appoint a contractor to make the sewer connection 

    • Your appointed contractor should send us their 'Request to work' (part 2) application form, before they do any work.

    Wastewater application form

Step 2: Quotation

If you do want a formal quote, we may arrange a site survey to fully understand your project and requirements, including what traffic management may be required.

Once we’ve visited your site to fully understand your project, we’ll be able to provide you with an accurate quote, we will send you a quote pack which will advise you of what you need to do next.

Step 3: You lay your pipe work

Once you accept the quote you'll be able to carry out the work on your side of the boundary.

    • As agreed with your case manager, your digital quote pack will outline where your plumber should lay your new pipe work to

    • Once your new pipe work has been laid out, give your case manager a call and one of our Developer Services Inspectors will be in touch to make an appointment to inspect the work

    • Once the new pipe work is approved, we will confirm a date to come and make your new supply live.
    • We will review your appointed contractor's 'Request to work' (part 2) and work with them to ensure that it's completed to standard

    • You can then instruct your contractor to lay the drains and connect to our sewer.

Step 4: We complete the job

    • On the agreed date, we'll come out and make your water connection live  and install your meter(s)

    • We will return the working area back to normal as soon as possible.
    • Let us know when the connection is complete and our Developer Services Inspector will visit your site to ensure that it's to standard, to give you peace of mind.