Water Pre-Development

When new water requests are being planned, our Developer Services team works closely with developers and Local Planning Authorities to prepare workable and cost-effective solutions.

We can then provide information to help you work out the best way to get new water services to a potential development site.

We will let you know if we have adequate water for your development, and if there are any existing assets on the site that could affect your plans.

Fill in the Water pre-development enquiry form (PDF 238 KB opens in a new window) and we will respond within 21 calendar days.

Water risk assessment for sites on contaminated land

We have a responsibility to ensure water supplied to homes and businesses is of good quality, and without taste or odour. 

If you are installing new water pipes in land that is, or may be, affected by contamination, a Risk assessment for water pipes (PDF 191 KB opens in a new window) needs to be carried out by a geo-technical specialist, and a copy sent to us with your application for a water connection. There are guidance notes with the form to help ensure you select the correct type of water pipes and components for your development to protect the quality of drinking water. 

We’d recommend the assessment is carried out as early as possible in your development planning process to avoid any delays.

Information for planning and building control purposes is also available from most Local Authorities to help you identify land which is potentially affected by contamination. Alternatively, there are organisations and consultants that provide specialist advice on these types of sites.