Industry Approved Plumbers

When looking for a plumber for your development, we’d suggest using one that is a member of an approved contractors’ scheme. You can be sure they are familiar with the regulations, and have the necessary skills, knowledge and training, to work on water pipes within your property boundary.

Water Industry Approved Plumber’s Scheme

Water Regs UK administer the Water Industry Approved Plumber’s Scheme (WIAPS) on behalf of 14 of the UK Water Undertakers.

If a plumber is WIAPS approved they can supply a WIAPS certificate when you’re ready for us to connect the pipework to the water main. If you choose a plumber who isn’t WIAPS approved, we will need to inspect the pipes before this can be done.

WIAPS certification is only applicable for pipes up to 32mm as we need to inspect all pipework 63mm and above.

If you would like to become an industry approved plumber, you can find out how to join on the Water Regs UK website.

To joins the WIAPS scheme, we recommend that plumbers complete the BPEC Service Pipe and Meter Housing Installation training. You can find details of the course on the BPEC website.

Please note these plumbers are Water Industry approved and are not affiliated to United Utilities.