Water Connection Checklist

Your dedicated case manager will work with you to ensure we have everything we need to give you an accurate quotation.

We've outlined all the information here to help you understand what is required before you apply.

If you have any questions, call us on on 0345 072 6067 or email DeveloperServicesWater @uuplc.co.uk and we'll be happy to help.

  • We will need a scaled drawing, that clearly outlines the site boundary for your development, so we can quickly locate your site, and a short description of the location. You can use either an ordnance survey or google maps. It should show your preferred route of pipework and preferred point where we’ll connect your water supply. We always try to accommodate your preferred point. 

  • This information is available on local maps which are offered by a number of companies including United Utilities, if you would like to buy a water plan from us please see our Property Searches service.  

  • You will need to obtain planning permission before applying for a new water connection. If your development is for domestic dwellings and you are using water efficient fittings and appliances, you may be eligible for a discount on your water infrastructure charges. You can check on our Water efficiency calculator (PDF 1,702 KB opens in a new window).

    If we need to lay your pipework through land that you don't own, you should find out who owns the neighbouring land as you will need to get permission to lay a water pipe in their land, and to access to repair or maintain it.

  • To set up the correct billing information for the property, we will need some information on drainage. For example, where the foul water (i.e from toilets) and surface water (i.e rainwater) drains to or will drain to.

  • If you’re replacing or upgrading a water supply that already exists, it’s helpful to have your United Utilities account number or meter serial number to hand but not essential.

  • If it’s not greenfield land and has been previously occupied, you will need to engage a geo-technical specialist to complete a Risk assessment (PDF 110 KB opens in a new window) which should be submitted with your application for a water connection. 

  • *Commercial properties/ Flats & apartments only

    What type of internal fittings will you install at the property? For example, we’ll need to know the number of showers, toilets, basins etc.

  • If your development is wholly household or wholly non-household with a shared hot water supply, or student accommodation, and you are planning on installing a shared meter that will be dealt with by a management company, please provide the details of the management company including their company registration number. This is needed before we can provide a quote.

  • If you will need fire protection, will you need a separate supply for firefighting and what type of system are you installing? We will need to know the details of the manufacturer and installer of the system you are using, including the connection size (mm) and the flow rate (l/s).

    Please note: we do not guarantee water supplies for firefighting. You are advised to consider water storage for this purpose. For commercial properties a separate supply for firefighting will be required in addition to your drinking water supply.

  • A copy of the report from any ground or soil investigations that you have had carried out may be required.