Traffic Management Scenarios

Before we come to make your water connection live we will assess the type of traffic management that may be required so that we can dig in the footpath or road safely.

We will consider the location of your development/ property as well as the location of your nearest water main. We've outlined the options below to help clarify the differences.

Charges for traffic management can be found in our New Connections and Developer Services Charges Scheme.

Typical types of traffic management

2 cars passing each other next to a digger

1. Give and take

If the water main is located in the footpath or carriageway and we think that no traffic lights are required, we will allow traffic to pass using their own initiative. There would be no additional charge.

Traffic lights set up next to a large hole in the road

2. Two way traffic lights

If the water main is located in the road and the road is not wide enough for 2 cars to pass safely, we may need to install 2 way traffic lights. Additional charges will apply.

Barriers are across the entire road around large hole in the road

3. Road closure

If the road where our water main is located is very narrow, we may need to close the road in order to allow us work safely. Additional charges will apply.

Customer calling an agent on the phone

Contact us if you'd like to discuss

If you have any questions about what type of traffic management you may need for your project, please contact us on 0345 072 6067.