Commercial Developments

Commercial propertyCommercial developments include non-domestic buildings such as warehouses, leisure centres or offices.

If you are developing a commercial property, you are most likely going to need a water and wastewater connection. Regardless of your development, we can support you to get what you need.

Once you've applied, you'll be assigned a dedicated case manager who'll be your single point of contact and will proactively keep you informed and guide you through the process from start to finish.

Before you start, check if your development is in our area.

If your site is located near to our network then we will be able to connect your property to it. However, if your development is a more rural area we may need to lay a new mains to connect to.

You can search maps of our network to find out where the nearest pipe location is. You can also find out more about applying for a new water mains.

Water connections

All commercial properties should have a unique connection to our mains supply. Depending on the type of development you are undertaking, you may need a large amount of water which will affect the size of connection you need. Office and warehouses will often require a standard 25mm-32mm connection. Whereas, leisure centres, hotels and large scale food production may require a large 63mm connection.

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Wastewater connections

The most common way to dispose of wastewater is to connect to a public sewer. If you have a large amount of wastewater from industrial processing, you may need special permission to connect to a public sewer. If your site is more rural, you may need to consider alternative options such as septic tanks and soakaways.

If you are changing how a property is used or to any existing flows, you will need our permission before making any changes.

If you operate a trade effluent process and require consent to discharge into the public foul sewer. Please contact your retailer who will provide you with the relevant application form to complete and submit on your behalf.

You can search our trade effluent public register for all active consents.

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