New Water Main

If there is no public water main on your development or outside of your property, a new water main will need to be laid.

We will work with you to make sure you get the simplest and most cost-effective solution for new water supplies for your development. If you’re still in the early stages of your development, you may find our pre-development information useful as it outlines things to think about before you start work.

You can apply to us for new water mains and services, or you can go to a self-lay provider (SLP), or New Appointments and Variations (NAVs) for this type of work.

Requesting a new water main from us

We can provide you with all the information you need to plan and install your new water main, including an option for you to dig and backfill the trenches for the water mains to be laid (excavation option). We will also help you to plan your new connections so that your development is completed without delay.

Road closure time frames

Closing the road allows us to safely dig to reach our water main. We need to provide the local highway authority notice of our work and be granted a permit to close the road, which can take at least three months. It is important that you let us know as soon as possible when you will need your connection by, so we can start advanced planning with the highways authority to prevent any delays to your development. Some councils may recommend waiting until the school holidays and half terms to work on busy roads.

During the Christmas period, we have an embargo on busy roads throughout November and December. We therefore advise sending us a ‘pre-development enquiry’ as soon as possible.

    • Have you got local authority planning approval? You will need this before applying for a new water main. 

    • Do you know the history of the land you're building on? If it’s not greenfield land and has been previously occupied, you will need to engage a geo-technical specialist to complete a Risk assessment (PDF 110 KB opens in a new window) which should be submitted with your application for a water main. 

    • If your development is for domestic dwellings and you are using water efficient fittings and appliances, you may be eligible for a discount on your water infrastructure charges. You can check on our Water efficiency calculator (PDF 1,702 KB opens in a new window).

    • If your development is for multiple domestic dwellings within one building, and you will be installing a bulk meter that will be dealt with by a management company, please provide the details of the management company including their company registration number.  This is needed before we can provide a quote.
  • When you’re ready to apply for a water main please complete an Application for a new water main (PDF 456 KB opens in a new window) and send to us with:

    If you would like to take the excavation option please complete an Excavation option agreement (PDF 106 KB opens in a new window).

    You may need to submit additional documents, depending on your circumstances, details are in the application form.

  • One of our design engineers will review your application and assess your water main requirements. Within 28 calendar days we’ll send you:

    • A fixed quote for main laying specific to your project

    • A scheme drawing

    • Relevant schematics for pipework installation

    • Estimate for connections for each plot (where applicable)

    From the date of the quote you have three months to sign and return the acceptance note. Once you’ve returned it, the price will be valid for a further three months. If work doesn’t start within this time, a new quote will be required and a charge for this may apply.

  • Please send us the signed quote acceptance note together with payment for the work, as detailed in your quote.

    Please note payment needs to be made before work can start. Details on how to pay are in our charges scheme.

  • If you are doing the excavation work for the installation of the water main, you’ll need to dig the trench as per the route of the mains design drawing supplied with your quote. The timing of this work will need to be arranged with us so the laying of the water main does not affect site works or the construction programme.

  • When you’re ready for us to undertake the water mains connection, please complete a Request for work (RFW4) for main laying (PDF 134 KB opens in a new window).

    We will then contact you to arrange a pre-start meeting and to discuss your construction programme. The water main will be laid within 90 days of payment for the work and receipt of the request for work form (RFW4).

  • Once the water main has been laid, you’ll need to complete all work required on site, this will be detailed in the pipework specification drawing supplied with the quote. 

    When the site is ready for the individual water connections to be made, please send the following:

    • Written confirmation of the new postal address, on letter headed paper, from the local authority (street naming and numbering department).

    • Pipework certificates – for 25mm and 32mm pipes please provide a WIAPS (Water Industry Approved Plumbers' Scheme) certificate if you’ve used a WIAPS registered plumber. If you’ve used a non WIAPS registered plumber we will need to inspect the pipes.

    • We need to inspect pipework that’s 63mm and above, we also need a copy of the pressure test certificate and a chlorination certificate. If the supply is 80mm or greater we will also need to see the laboratory sample pass results.
  • Once you’ve supplied all of the information above, please complete a Service connections request for work (RFW1) and notice of intent to work (PDF 213 KB opens in a new window to ensure that all necessary work has been completed.

    Pipework inspection

    For 25mm or 32mm pipes

    If you’ve used a WIAPS (Water Industry Approved Plumbers’ Scheme) plumber, you can provide a WIAPS certificate.

    If you’ve used a non-WIAPS registered plumber we will need to inspect the pipes.

    For pipes 63mm and above

    We need to inspect all pipework that's 63mm and above, we will also require a pressure test certificate and a chlorination certificate.

    If the supply is 80mm or greater we will also need to see the laboratory sample pass results.

    Let us know when the pipework is ready for inspection, giving us at least five days’ notice. Please note if the inspection fails, and a re-inspection is required, there is an additional fee of £129.60 (incl VAT).

    Please also send us written confirmation of the new postal address, on letter headed paper, from the local authority (street naming and numbering department).

  • Once we’ve received all of the information outlined above, we’ll endeavour to make the connections and install meters within 21 calendar days, this is subject to any traffic management restrictions which will be detailed in your quote. 

    If, for any reason, the connection cannot go ahead, there may be additional charges, so please ensure all details supplied are correct.  

  • Once the site connections have been made live, and meters installed, all information will be sent to our billing department and accounts will be created for all properties.

    We’ll then send you a bill for the new connections and meter installations on site.

  • Please make payment for the water connections within 30 days. The bill will include charges for processing fees, connections, meters, infrastructure and building water, and traffic management (if applicable) for each property.

If you need further information on applying for a new water mains please email us on