The Planning Process

The planning processIt is important that we understand growth and development across our region so that we can prepare for the future.

Whilst we are not a statutory consultee in the planning process, our Planning, Landscape and Ecology team proactively review planning applications submitted to local authorities to understand how proposals might impact our assets and the services that we provide.

Our responses to planning applications usually include comments regarding drainage. We promote the use of sustainable drainage systems, (SuDS), and where appropriate, recommend planning conditions to make sure that SuDS are considered. Applicants and prospective developers can discuss their potential drainage proposals using our pre-development enquiry service.

It is the developer’s responsibility to investigate if there are any pipelines or utilities crossing their site and to confirm their precise location. As this can have a huge impact on plans, we recommend this is done before a planning application is submitted.

If a pipeline crosses a site the developer must contact our Developer Services team before beginning any works on site, including demolition, trial holes or groundworks. Further advice is also available for what to do if a pipeline crosses your proposed site.

Pre-development guidance

As soon as you start thinking about building a house, adding a new connection or developing a site, our team will be available for early discussions which can help to avoid potential delays later in the development process.

Here you'll find guidance to help you plan your work, and application forms you need to complete, to provide information so we can plan the water and wastewater services that you need.

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