Sewer Connections

To connect to a sewer for your house or development you'll need to apply for permission from us.

Once it's approved you'll need to employ a contractor to make the sewer connection, they will then need to apply for permission to work on a public sewer. When the work is complete we’ll inspect it and issue a completion notice. See our guide to your connection journey to find out what's involved from start to finish.


Below is a guide with links to the application forms to help your sewer work go as smoothly as possible.

  • Before you apply there are a few things you should do:

    • You should obtain approval for your drainage layout from a building control body and, if required, you should also get Local Authority planning approval.

    • You will need to know what type of sewers are available and whether a connection is possible. There are maps available that provide this information, a number of companies offer maps including United Utilities. If you would like to buy a map from us please see our Property Searches service.
  • Complete the part 1 sewer connection application form, including site address, postcode or x and y co-ordinates (the link to the form is below). Please also include:

    • A site drainage plan clearly showing the proposed route and point of the new connection to the public sewer. If connecting to a transferred sewer please indicate the position of the sewer you’ve located.

    • A copy of your planning decision notice, if you're exempt from building regulations please provide proof.
    • The flow rates for surface water if applicable - see form for details.

    • The application fee of £249.00. For more information on fees please see our charges scheme.

    When you’re ready to apply download the application form (PDF 286 KB opens in a new window) and read our sewer connection guidance notes (PDF 116 KB opens in a new window), and our standard sewer connection details (PDF 259 KB opens in a new window) for more information. 

  • We'll assess the connection type and the point of the proposed connection to the public sewer. We will also check that our sewers have enough capacity to take the surface water from your proposed development. We'll then let you know if there will be any restrictions on the amount you can drain into the sewer. 

    Once your application is approved, we'll confirm it in writing within 15 working days of your request. This will include the details of the connection and the sewer you are connecting to. 

    Once you have the written approval for the proposed sewer connection you can appoint a contractor or builder to make the sewer connection. Before they do this, they must also apply for permission to carry out the connection work by completing an application to request to work on a public sewer - see step 4.

  • Your appointed contractor will need to submit the following:

    For more information on how to complete the application form please read the guidance document (PDF 236 KB opens in a new window) and see an example of a completed application form (PDF 247 KB opens in a new window).

  • We'll assess the contractor's application form and check that the information supplied is correct. We'll also validate the training they've undertaken, and check their insurance is adequate for the work they are doing.

    If everything is in order, we'll issue an approval notice to your contractor within 10 working days, granting them permission to carry out the work.

  • Once your appointed contractor has received the approval to work on the public sewer, they can start the connection work. This is subject to all other relevant approvals being in place, such as any permits required for working in the highway, and approvals from third parties if you need to cross land you don't own. You or your contractor will need to arrange these approvals.

    We'll need to inspect the work as soon as it's completed, so they should give us five days' notice before they start - see step 7.

    Any work within any United Utilities' sewer network is only to be carried out between 08:00 – 16:00 hours on normal working days. Contractors will need to notify us when and where they will be working.

    Before starting work each day, they must log-on by calling 07826 539 459 and provide a valid connection reference number (this will be on the approval notice), together with the contact details for staff that will be working on the site. When they have finished working on the sewer they must log-off by calling the same number. 

  • Once your contractor has connected the drains to the sewer we will need to inspect it to ensure it has been done correctly.

    Let us know at least five days before you're due to start the connection work by calling the inspector for your area on the number provided on your approval notice. They will then arrange to come out to inspect the work.

    If the work has been carried out satisfactorily, we’ll issue a completion certificate.

    If the sewer connection work doesn’t meet the required standard, we’ll let you know what work is required to bring it up to standard. Once this has been completed, you can contact us to arrange another inspection.

    Any sewer connections made to private drainage (indirect connections) will need to be inspected by your local building control inspector.