New Appointments & Variations

NAV mapNew Appointments and Variations (NAVs) are a different water company that may be able to provide water and waste services for a geographical area.

The new appointment can be made by Ofwat and will have the same responsibilities as the previous water company. If the appointed company wishes to extend the area they provide services to, the appointment will become a 'variation'.

United Utilities would provide a bulk service at the boundary for a water supply or discharge for wastewater. NAVs will then take on responsibility for that area.

See the Ofwat website for more information about new appointments and variations.

Guidance for NAVs

For all correspondence relating to sites that are served or to be served by a NAVs please email:

As you begin to plan your development, our team of engineers will work with you to agree your point of connection for the bulk supply, your site drainage strategy, points of connection to the water and wastewater network, and discharge rates. We will also arrange your onboarding session and regular reviews thereafter with our Contract Manager.

For more information and for all the relevant application forms click the link below.

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