Sewer Closures

Where existing public sewers that are unused are causing issues with redevelopment of a site, it is possible they can be closed and become ‘abandoned sewers’. This would remove any potential restriction from future development of the site.

You would need to apply to us for part of the sewer network to be closed. Before we can consider your application, we need to be absolutely certain that the length being considered is no longer in use and is redundant.

Our developer engineers will discuss potential sewer closures and checks that must be done prior to closure, as part of their response to your enquiry about new site drainage.

Download the Sewer Closure guide here (PDF 101 KB opens in a new window).

Download the Sewer Closure Application form here (PDF 167 KB opens in a new window) and an example completed Sewer Closure Application form here (PDF 190 KB opens in a new window)

If you have any further queries about sewer closures please contact the team at