New water mains

Our dedicated Developer Services team is here to make sure you get the simplest and most economical solution for new water supplies to your development. To help when you are preparing costs for a development, we have a water pre-development enquiry form (PDF 107 KB opens in a new window) that you can use to check if we have enough water for your development, and also to see if we have any existing equipment on the site that could affect your plans.

New water mains and services can be obtained directly from us, from a self lay organisation (SLO) using a self lay option, or from a new appointee (NAV). New appointees (NAV), can provide wholesale water and/or sewerage services for a specified area. If a developer chooses a NAV to provide wholesale services the NAV will need to apply to become a service provider for a specified area. Once granted they will be responsible for the ongoing operation and maintenance of onsite water and/or wastewater infrastructure replacing the existing local water and/or sewerage company.

Getting a new main requisition

If you choose to ask us to install your new main and services you will need to complete our Application for a new water main requisition (PDF 462 KB opens in a new window)

We can provide you with all the information you need to plan and install your new water main. We will also help to plan your new connections, including the excavation option (PDF 106 KB opens in a new window) so that your development is completed without delay.

Following receipt of a signed acceptance, and payment of our mains requisition quotation, we will contact you to arrange a pre-start meeting and to discuss your construction programme.

In accordance with the construction programme, a separate request for work RFW4 main laying (PDF 135 KB opens in a new window) must be submitted.

Self-Laying of New Mains and Services 

We understand that developers want all utilities, including water, installed quickly and economically. Our Developer Services team is fully set up to assist developers who wish to use a self-lay provider (SLP), and we often make an asset payment when we adopt a self-laid main. We have arrangements with Lloyds Register ( that allow developers to safely choose an SLP that fully understands our policies and procedures for both new mains and service connections.

The Code of Practice for the Self-Laying of Water Mains and Services – England and Wales (PDF 2,489 KB opens in a new window) details the delivery processes, requirements for the work and specifies the role of SLPs and the Water Company in the construction of water mains for adoption by United Utilities, setting out the practices that are common across the industry.  In addition to the industry Code of Practice, our Local Practice Agreement (PDF 125 KB opens in a new window) details everything you need to know about working specifically in the United Utilities area in the North West. If you require design guidance then our please use our Design Manual (PDF 3,131 KB opens in a new window). Please note that this document is currently under review.  If you are a new SLP we would be happy to meet with you to discuss working in UU’s area so please get in contact with us at and we will be happy to arrange this with you.

Before the work starts, we will enter into a Self-Lay Agreement (Word 192 KB opens in a new window) with the developer, the SLP and any other interested parties (e.g. landowners) so that we are all clear what work is being done and when your new water supplies will be needed.

If you are an SLP and you wish to apply to self-lay a water main and service connectin, please complete our Self-lay process flow (PDF 327 KB opens in a new window). You can download and complete our Self-Lay Application Form (PDF 464 KB opens in a new window) and send it to us at

Self-lay charges and asset payments/income offset calculations

Since the introduction of our new Developer Services charges scheme on 1st April 2018, we have published all charges and the methology of how we calculate payments to you when a main is self-laid. In order for self-lay providers and developers to calculate the financial breakdown of future schemes, without having to contact us, we have developed a tool which allows you to do this. The self-lay tool can be accessed here.

Request for work

When you are ready for us to undertake a water mains connection, you'll need to complete the relevant request for work form(s) below:

Details of charges associated with making a connection can be found in our connection charges 4.2 document (PDF 168 KB opens in a new window).

To reduce the risk of damage to any trunk main, we set out a number of standard conditions for work carried out near a trunk water mains. These conditions and precautions are outlined in the following documents: