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Our Water Developer Services team are dedicated to supporting you with supplying water to your new house build or development. Here you'll find guidance and application forms for water connections and laying a new water main.

New water mains and services can be obtained directly from us, from a self lay organisation (SLO) using a self lay option, or from a new appointee (NAV). New Appointees (NAV), can provide wholesale water and/or sewerage services for a specified area. If a developer chooses a NAV to provide wholesale services the NAV will need to apply to become a service provider for a specified area. Once granted they will be responsible for the ongoing operation and maintenance of onsite water and/or wastewater infrastructure replacing the existing local water and/or sewerage company.

We have a responsibility to ensure water delivered for domestic purposes is of high quality. Where new water pipes are to be installed in land that is, or may be, affected by contamination, a risk assessment for water pipes should be provided to us to ensure that the correct type of pipe is selected. Please see our section on water risk assessments on our Planning page for more information.


We understand that getting a water supply at the right time during the construction of a new development is a key part of your build plan. Our dedicated Developer Services team provides a one-stop service, from initial enquiry through to final connection, to ensure that your water connection is made when you need it.

We also understand that the rules and regulations for water connections are complex. That's why we're here to provide all the help and information needed to get your new water connection set up.

You can read more about our details of charges associated with making a connection here  

Please note any applications received from 1st April 2019, we will require payment for new service connections to be made before you send in your request the work form.

New 25mm supplies

To help us quote for your new 25mm connection to our existing water network, please complete our AWS1 application form (PDF 387 KB opens in a new window) 

We charge an application fee for providing written quotations. Details can be found on our Standard Connection Charges  page.

When you are ready for your new connection, please complete the Service connection request for work form (PDF 134 KB opens in a new window).

Multi-occupancy premises

To obtain a quote for a connection to a new or modified existing building that is planned to have several separate dwellings, we have an Application for a non-standard connection AWS2 form (PDF 648 KB opens in a new window). This form is required where the incoming supply is 32mm in diameter, or above.

In some developments we will need to understand the internal water distribution arrangements so that the correct water metering can be installed.

When you are ready for your new connection, please complete the Service connection request for work RFW1 form (PDF 134 KB opens in a new window).

Commercial or industrial supplies

To obtain a quote for a 32mm connection or above to a commercial/industrial premises, we have an application for a non-standard connection AWS2 form (PDF 98 KB opens in a new window).

Water requirements for commercial/industrial premises need to be carefully assessed to make sure that your water supply is suited to your needs.

When you are ready for your new connection, please complete the Service connection request for work RFW1 form (PDF 134 KB opens in a new window).

Service Pipe Installation Developer Services Electronic Register (SPIDER)

Cessation of SPIDER training and alternative arrangements

As part of our ongoing commitment to build on the benefits driven out of our continuous improvement programme, the SPIDER training programme has been closed to make way for the Service Pipe and Meter Housing Installation training Certified by BPEC. The BPEC certification is recognised by Water UK as complementary to the water regulations course used to gain WIAPS registration.

To gain this certification you'll need to find an approved centre via and locate your nearest centre.

Required as an accompaniment to WIAPS for self-certification of water services in the UUW region

If you currently install, or employ installers to lay, water supply pipes for domestic housing, you must make arrangements to ensure you/they are registered SPIDER or BPEC-registered in order to self-certify installations or, must be able to provide alternative proof of competence and understanding of United Utilities' specific conditions of service. WIAPS certification will still be required in order to provide assurances that the installation has been laid in line with water regulations. We will reserve the right to refuse connection of any self-certified installation that has not been fitted in accordance with the water supply regulations, or our conditions of service.

SPIDER-registered installers

The current SPIDER register remains open to allow those installers who have undertaken the training to continue operation under their current valid registration numbers until expiry. As we no longer operate the SPIDER training course, we will not be able to accept any new applicants onto the register.

Here is a list of SPIDER registration numbers (PDF 238 KB opens in a new window).

Please remember that you can contact us by calling 0345 072 6067, Monday to Thursday from 8am-5pm; and Friday from 8am-4.30pm; or by emailing to get a quotation for your new connection, or advice on your new connection.

Here is a copy of the SLP code of practice (PDF 2,489 KB opens in a new window).

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