As soon as you start thinking about building a house, adding a new connection or developing a site, our Developer Services team will be on hand for early discussions that can avoid potential delays later in the development process.

Here you'll find the guidance to go ahead, and application forms you need to send us, so that we can work together to provide the water and wastewater services you need.

Water pre-development

When new water needs are being planned, our Developer Services team understands how important it is to work closely with developers and Local Planning Authorities to prepare workable and economical solutions. We can provide a range of information to help you determine the best way to get new water services to a potential development site.

Our pre-development enquiry team will let you know if we have adequate water for your development, as well as if we have any existing assets on the site that could affect your plans. Fill in the Water pre-development enquiry form (PDF 107 KB opens in a new window) and we will respond within 21 calendar days.

Wastewater pre-development

As you begin to plan your development, our team of Developer Engineers will work with you to agree your site drainage strategy, points of connection to the wastewater network, and discharge rates.

Early discussion with our Engineers can avoid delays at a later stage of the process.

Our team can also provide advice around solutions to potential drainage problems, such as requisitioning a new public sewer and how to divert a public sewer that might be in the way of your development.

All pre-development enquiries should be made using the Wastewater pre-development enquiry form (PDF 242 KB opens in a new window). Before you complete the form, you may find it helpful to read our guiding principles for the drainage of proposed development, and also review our water and wastewater asset maps.