Information on NAVs

An alternative to SLO’s and United Utilities, New Appointment and Variations (NAVs), also called New Appointees, can provide wholesale water and/or sewerage services for a specified area. If a developer chooses a NAV to provide wholesale services the NAV will need to apply to become a service provider for a specified area. Once granted they will be responsible for the ongoing operation and maintenance of onsite water and/or wastewater infrastructure replacing the existing local water and/or sewerage company.

Further information is available on Ofwat's website

We have published our indicative New Appointments and Variations (NAV) bulk charges. The consultation published alongside these charges is now closed. We anticipate that we will publish our final charges for 2019/20 by Summer 2019

This document contains our indicative NAV charge and the consultation (PDF 397 KB opens in a new window).

This spreadsheet allows the user to calculate the indicative bulk supply charge for a NAV development