Diverting a water main

If there are existing water mains on or around your development which are affecting your plans, we may be able to move them. You will need to apply to us to ask for a diversion, and we would undertake the work on your behalf. Please contact us early on in your development to discuss your project, so we can help to avoid any delays.

Firstly you will need to check if there are any water mains on your land. This information is available on local maps which are offered by a number of companies including United Utilities, if you would like to buy a water plan from us please see our Property Searches service. These give an indication of the position and nature of the mains, but the accuracy of the information is not guaranteed and should not be relied on for development purposes.

Prior to starting your development, the exact location of our apparatus must be determined and this may require the excavation on trial holes. 


Any damage to our apparatus as a result of a development can have serious consequences, and you will be responsible for any costs incurred.

If you need to divert a water main please download and complete an Application for a water main diversion (PDF 233 KB opens in new window). There is a charge of £379.20 (incl VAT) for processing your application and providing a quotation for the work required.