Our planning team reviews planning applications for new developments published on local authority websites to understand the impact the proposals may have on our assets and infrastructure, and the service they provide to our customers. This activity also helps us to understand growth and development across our region so we can prepare for the future.

Local authorities are responsible for making decisions regarding development proposals. They don't have to include the comments we make in their planning determinations (the decision and conditions they place on proposed development), however, they will usually take our comments into consideration. The lead Local Flood Authorities and the Environment Agency are also key contributors to the local authority planning process. 

We encourage developers to talk to us at the earliest stages of planning their development using our pre-development enquiry service to understand how water and wastewater services may be provided to the proposed development.

Before submitting a planning application we also encourage developers to investigate if any assets or infrastructure cross their site. It is the developer's responsibility to understand what is above or below ground, and how this relates to their proposed development. This can sometimes have a significant impact on how a development is delivered.

A number of companies offer mapping services, including United Utilities. If you would like to purchase a sewer or water plan from us please see our Property Searches service

If you have any questions about your development you can contact our planning section at

National planning practice guidance

We encourage you to consider your development in the context of the National Planning Practice Guidance, which refers to the new Non-Statutory Technical Standards for Sustainable Drainage Systems.