SuDS Adoption Update – Section 104 applications incorporating inline SuDS

05 Oct 2021

Since the introduction of the ‘Sewerage Adoption Code’ in April 2020, we have started adopting ‘open SuDS features’ into our network and it’s been great to see the number of Section 104 applications increasing across the region.

It is our preference that any inline SuDS feature that is part of a continuous adoptable drainage network is offered for adoption, however we do understand that prior arrangements for adoption may have already been made before the implementation of the ‘Sewerage Adoption Code’.

With the exception of ‘communal infiltration SuDS’, we are still allowing developers the choice to keep these SuDS features in private ownership either under management company ownership or adopted by local authorities. The future expectation is that United Utilities will adopt an ‘all or nothing’ approach to SuDS adoption and we will continue to communicate any changes with as much notice as possible if there are any changes to our approach.

In order for us to ensure the sewage networks operate effectively we now assess any inline SuDS features offered for adoption as well as private SuDS that ‘adoptable piped networks’ discharge through. We will assess in accordance with the sewerage sector guidance; which for SuDS is outlined in the Design and Construction Guidance (DCG) and CIRIA SuDS Manual.

Additional guidance and support

Customers have been requesting additional support if the development incorporates SuDS. We can now share our updated complimentary guidance for common SuDS features on our updated ‘Sustainable drainage systems’ webpage which will help customers with their design proposals and help signpost where to find specific topics and subject matter within the industry guidance. We have prioritised the most common features that we are currently receiving, however we will consider adoption of any of the features referred to in the DCG.

New pre-application service now available

We would encourage customers to use the new free of charge S104 pre-application service if you have any SuDS proposals, so that we can give an early indication of our requirements, this will help reduce delays in the development process.

If you need any further assistance you can contact