What is an income offset?

Income offset is a payment made by us to a customer that is building a house or development, this is in recognition of the future income that we will receive from a new connection (directly or indirectly) to our existing water network. This is for new water connections for domestic purposes (including water used for domestic purposes at non-household premises).

From 1 April 2020 this will be applicable for new connections to both new mains and existing mains.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Is the income offset allowance reduced if I qualify for a reduced rate for my infrastructure charge?

No, the full rate of income offset is made against both full water infrastructure charges or reduced water infrastructure charges that applies for sustainable developments.

Is it possible to get a credit against infrastructure charges?

If your new development is being built on land that has had a water and/or sewerage connection within the last five financial years, you may be entitled to a credit.

Do you offer a discount on wastewater infrastructure charges if there is a reduction in surface water flow?

Currently we only offer a reduced rate of wastewater infrastructure charges where there is no surface water connection to the existing public sewer.