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How you can help

Whilst United Utilities and other water companies have a big role to play in reducing overflow spill frequency and impact, we all can play an active role in protecting rivers, lakes and seas.

Help stop the block

We remove over 10,000 tonnes of wet wipes and rags from the network every year – that’s the same weight as the Eiffel tower or four Blackpool towers if we’re keeping it local. So customers really do play an important role in maintaining water quality, helping to reduce the risk of sewer blockages that can cause spills and impact their local rivers, lakes and seas.

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Maintain septic tanks

It is important that all septic tanks are well maintained and do not leak into nearby water courses. Visit the link below for advice on how to maintain a healthy non mains system and hints on what to look for if yours is not operating effectively.

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Image of a water buttHomes and gardens

To help improve the quality in our rivers, we need to reduce the rainfall that enters our sewers. Installing a water butt, introducing permeable paving and reducing tarmac or concrete can reduce the volume and slow the flow of rainwater into the sewers. And using eco-friendly detergents and washing up liquid can help to reduce their impact on water quality.

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House builders and developers 

We also need developers to help better manage rainfall, embed water management and drive sustainability. 

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We work together with over 1600 farmers, embedding sustainable practices to meet the needs of the diverse spectrum of farming that occurs across the region.

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