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Spotted a leak? Let us know so we can sort it!

If you’ve spotted a leak (in the North West of England) coming from the road or footpath, please let us know. Complete the quick and easy form below and we’ll get busy sorting out the repairs. If you prefer you can call our Leakline on 0800 330033.

Leaks happen for all sorts of reasons; it could be that an underground pipe's old or has been damaged; sometimes cold weather can freeze and crack the pipe or even tree roots can get a hold. It's simple to identify a leak - it's often clear water trickling or gushing from the ground. Water lying over a drain after it's been raining probably isn't a leak. If you're not sure, let us know and if it is a leak, we’ll sort it as quickly as possible.

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  2. Help: Leak location

    Examples - roadway, footpath, grass verge. If the leak is in your home, outside your home but within your property boundary or in another location within your property this will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

    If you find a leak on your supply pipe (which is the pipe which transports water from the street boundary into your home), we may repair the leak without charge under our private leak repair scheme. If you discover a leak on your supply pipe, we will make a one-off allowance for the cost of water lost, once we are satisfied that the leak has been repaired. Please call our customer services on 0845 746 2200 for assistance.