Low pressure?

Here's what to do

We know it's a pain when you suddenly have no water or low pressure, but there will be a good reason for this happening, here's what to do next:

See if there's a problem in your area

There may be a burst or emergency repairs going on in your area which may be affecting your water supply, regular updates are posted here emergency updates

There are no problems in your area, please check for other reasons for no water or poor pressure

  • Planned work - we may be doing some planned work in your area, we'll always let you know beforehand by posting a card through your door notifying the date and time your water will be off.  You can also check by searching by postcode in the planned works box on the right hand side of this page.
  • Check for frozen pipes - cold weather can freeze your pipes, making them more likely to expand and burst. If you think you have a frozen pipe, take a look at our useful tips for looking after your water pipes in winter and how to thaw your pipes video winterwise
  • Internal plumbing problem - please check the main water supply which normally enters your home in the cold water kitchen tap. If water comes out of this tap but not elsewhere (such as your shower or bathroom tap), the problem may be with your internal plumbing. You should contact a plumber to help with this - if you don't have one, you may want to visit watersafe for local approved plumbers
  • Airlock in you pipes - watch our short video 'what to do if you have low or no water pressure' below for help on how to clear airlocks

I still need help

No problem, we're happy to help. Please call us on 0345 6723 723.


What to do if you have low or no water pressure

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