Is a water meter right for me?

If you don’t already have a water meter fitted, your current bills are based on the rateable value of your property, not on the amount of water you use – so how much you pay won’t relate to how much water you use.

If you live on your own, if you have a small family or if you live in a house with a high rateable value, chances are you’re probably paying too much for your water services, so a water meter could be right for you! Take a look at our water meter pack to help work out much money you could potentially save each year if you have a water meter. Why not also try our water usage calculator to see if you could save money?

With a water meter, you can work out how much water you’re using on a regular basis – which can help you understand how to save water and money. Environmentally, it makes sense too.

Where we fit them

Find out what they look like and where we fit them!

Switch back if you want

If you find after having it fitted that a meter isn’t right for you, you can revert back to being charged by your home’s rateable value as long as you ask us within 24 months of having your meter fitted. There is no charge for this.

Who can apply ?

All home owners can apply for a free water meter. If you are a tenant and have a fixed term agreement, you can apply too. If you have an agreement that is less than 6 months, you must obtain your landlord’s permission first before applying.

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