Bursts on your water supply pipe

As a household customer, you are responsible for the maintenance of all the plumbing within your home and also the external pipework which is located within the boundary of your property.

If you're unlucky enough to experience a burst on your water supply pipe (which is the name for the underground pipe which transports water from our main in the street into your home), we may be able to repair the leak without charge under our private leak investigation scheme

Also, if your home has a water meter, you may be eligible to claim for the cost of the water lost. We operate a leakage code of practice for customers with a meter who occupy a domestic premises and will consider reducing your water and sewerage volumetric charges on the first occasion that a leak is discovered. We recommend you read our leakage code of practice before submitting your burst allowance claim form.

We will not adjust your charges for:

  • Leaks on internal plumbing, for example toilet cisterns and heating systems
  • Leaks caused by your negligence
  • Leaks you knew about and did not either report to us, or repair yourself within two weeks
  • Leaks caused by a third party (unless caused by United Utilities or one of its contractors)
  • If your meter is inside your property, the leak will be on your internal pipework.

In these circumstances, it is worth checking your insurance policy to see if you are covered for the cost of repairs to internal pipework or systems that are your responsibility.

Adjusting your charges

If we agree to adjust your charges, we base the adjustment on how much water you have used in the past. If there is no record of how much water you have used in the past, we base the adjustment on the typical use for a similar property. We normally check this adjustment against your actual water usage after the leak has been repaired.

You should continue to pay your account as normal while your claim is being considered. Any allowance will be deducted from subsequent bills.

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