Property Searches FAQ

I need some help and advice

If you are new to ordering from Property Searches and want to open an account or pay by credit card or just need a little advice, please call us on 0370 751 0101  or send us an send us an email and we'll be happy to help.

How can I place an order?

If it’s your first time ordering from us you will need to contact us on 0370 751 0101 or send us an email to register an account. Once you have your log in details head to the Property Searches website where you can log in and start ordering.

Where can I get a copy of your terms and conditions?

You can find a complete set of our search terms and conditions here:

How do I become an account holder?

Please complete the Property Searches account request form (PDF 107 KB opens in a new window). Once completed please return to our Property Searches email address.

I’m an existing account holder, how can I place my order/s?

If you are an account holder you can order online using the United Utilities Property Searches website or via PISCES compliant XML channel. For more information regarding this please email the Property Searches team.

How can I pay for my search?

If you’re ordering online and you don’t have an account then we accept credit and debit card payments. If you are an account holder the details regarding how to do this will be on your invoice, but you will have access to the widest payment options, either by BAC’s, cheque or credit/debit card.

Who do I contact if I would like to discuss the range of reports available?

Please contact us on 0370 751 0101 or visit Property Searches page of the United Utilities website

How long will it take to receive my search?

Once your order has been placed we aim to provide the search results within 2-3 working days.

How can I get my results faster?

If you prefer you can take advantage of our fast track service in which we will provide your results within 24 hours at an additional cost.

What if I have not got a postcode for the property or if the property is a new development or a plot of land?

When invited to enter the property details, select ‘pick the location using a map’ and enter either the street name or postcode (You may need to enter a nearby road name or postcode if it is a plot of land). Once you have selected the relevant address/postcode, use the map features to pan around, zoom in etc. until you have found the required property/area and pick the location. We will make the assumption that the boundary of the property is the boundary shown on the Ordnance Survey map.

How will my reports be delivered?

All reports are returned by email unless otherwise requested and you can also download reports from the documents section of the Property Searches web site where they are held for 28 days.

Which reports are available electronically?

All reports are available electronically.

What is included in the drainage and water searches?

The CON29DW is the essential drainage and water search for any homebuyer. It provides information on potential drainage and water issues at a property and clear guidance for any problems identified. The CON29DW drainage and water search covers:

  • services for which the property is connected
  • charging basis for services
  • contact details for sewerage and water billing company
  • meter location (if applicable)
  • adoption agreements
  • consultation on build over
  • sewers and adoptable pumping stations within the boundary and 100 feet
  • internal flooding from overloaded public sewers
  • nearest public sewage treatment works
  • low water pressure
  • water hardness

For commercial properties, our commercial drainage and water searches include everything that the residential CON29DW offers, such as whether the property is connected to United Utilities’ water and sewerage services (not how it is charged), hardness of the water, location of our water pipes and sewers, details of United Utilities’ easements, wayleaves, trade effluent consents, cover and invert levels where available on A1 sewer plans.

For details of what is included within the searches please see sample searches:

What is classed as a residential property?

For a Domestic Con29DW a residential property is defined as a single dwelling-house together with any associated land, e.g. a garden that is, or is meant to be sold with the dwelling. A dwelling house means a building or part of a building intended to be occupied as a separate dwelling. The definition includes homes that are not yet built and new homes being sold off plan.


  • Mixed sales of a building or area of land used for non-residential purposes
  • Shop on one floor and a flat above
  • Dual use of a dwelling house
  • Farms sold with agricultural land and/or buildings
  • Block of flats, a group of holiday homes or an entire new development

What is classed as a Commercial property?

Examples of commercial proerties are:

  • Commercial (working) farms with large area of land
  • Single commercial unit, eg shop
  • Plot of land up to 100 hectares with a single building or no building    

What if the commercial property has more than one connection?

We can provide extra connection checks as part of the standard or non-standard commercial searches, (not mixed and small) for industrial units, flats or shopping centres. For more information please check out our price list:

Property Searches product and price list April 2017/2018 (PDF 578 KB opens in a new window)

What if the site is very large (i.e. over 100 hectares)?

We can provide maps for additional hectares. If your site is over 100 hectares you will be charged an additional price per 100 hectares. For more information please check out our price list.

The property I’m interested in is a small business/ high street shop. Do I need to purchase a full price commercial search?

No, we provide a Commercial Mixed and Small search which provides the same details as a standard commercial search but for a smaller business. It can also include one extra connection check (for a domestic connection related to a small business).

Examples are:

  • A small single business i.e. corner shop
  • A small single business with a residential element attached i.e. shop/pub with flat
  • Small plot of land up to 100m2 with a single small building or no building

What information do you need in order to ensure my search goes through first time?

When submitting your commercial search requests please ensure you provide full address details for single and /or multiple units/flats to avoid delays. For any search requests that do not require connection checks such as a piece of land, or land and buildings please clearly confirm this when placing the orders. This will prevent any delays and unwanted contacts when trying to confirm the connection details you require.  

What types of plans do you provide?

Sewer plan:

  • A1 – approximate scale at 1:1250
  • A3 – approximate scale at 1:1250 , 1:2500 or 1:5000
  • A4 – Not to scale

Please note A1 sewer plans only show cover and invert levels where available.

Clean Water plan:

  • A1 –approximate scale at 1:1250
  • A3 –approximate scale at 1:1250 , 1:2500 or 1:5000
  • A4 –Not to scale

I want to view the sewer and water records free of charge

Due to the public sewer transfer, not all sewers are currently shown on the statutory sewer records and we do not always show private pipes on our plans.

To make an appointment to view our sewer records at your local authority please contact them direct, alternatively if you wish to view the water and the sewer records at our Lingley Mere offices based in Warrington please ring 0370 751 0101 to book an appointment.

I want to find out more information regarding building over your assets

Find more information regarding build over here

If you are planning works anywhere in the North West then before you start work you'll need to check if your works will affect our network.

I don’t have the correct version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, how do I download the latest version?

You will need to have Adobe Acrobat version 5.0 or higher. Please use this link to download and install Adobe Acrobat by following the onscreen simple instructions.

When placing an order on the web site

Can I place more than one order at a time?

Once you have submitted an order for a particular property, you will then have the option of placing another order or finishing the session and logging out.

Can I change an existing order?

Orders can be amended or cancelled prior to submission. Once an order has been submitted you will not be able to amend or cancel it. However, if you would like to add another product to this order please telephone us on 0370 751 0101 (quoting the order reference) and we’ll be able help you.

What do I do if I made a mistake when placing an order?

You will need to contact us so we can cancel your order.

How do I cancel an order?

If you need to cancel your order, please contact us on 0370 751 0101 or email our Property Seaches team. You will need to have the order reference number to hand.