Who is responsible for the manhole in my garden?

If the manhole in your garden is on a drainage pipe that serves only your property, then it will be your responsibility. If it is on a pipe that serves you and your neighbours, then it will most likely be our responsibility.

Sewer manholes in the road, footpath or other public land are also our responsibility. To discuss this in further detail please call our team on 0345 672 3723.

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Related Frequently Asked Questions

Am I responsible for my wastewater pipes?

Yes - you are responsible for your internal plumbing (e.g. toilets and sinks), the guttering and drainage on the outside of your home, and the underground pipe which takes all your wastewater away (up to the boundary of your property).

How can I stop sewer blockages?

A major cause of sewer blockages - both on the public sewers and on customers' own drainage pipes - is flushing the wrong things down the loo. Items such as cotton wool, baby wipes and cotton buds can clump together, causing blockages, sewer flooding and major expense.

If you own the sewer pipe running through my garden, will this affect me if I want to extend my property?

We don't wish to stop customers from improving their homes, but it is important that the sewer is protected from damage if you are planning to extend your property.